About Easyroom Point

Easy Room Point is a platform with endless possibilities for those who struggle for days trying to find the best place to live and paying thousands as brokerage. We provide house/Room/Flat at zero brokerage. Finding a suitable living environment is not easy in today's world. But with us, we offer our service keeping your comfort at highest priority. Our service comprises of a field agent, who showcases the property you selected – House/Room/Flat without charging anything extra. All kinds of documentation will be done by our agent and legal contract will be provided to you without any extra amount except for the documentation charges required. Doesn't matter if you are Student, Girl, Boy, Bachelor, Family etc. we are here for you! We are not just another rental company, we think for you and work for your comfort. We have a vast variety of properties – Houses/Flats/Rooms available to meet the needs of you confirming our main agenda which is to give you the best living environment at the lowest reasonable service charges.